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I suspect it is hard to love us: Mothers.

I don't know about you, but I spend the majority of my days in sweats. I don't mean nice lululemon or fabletics comfies, but like BIG loose pants (with a drawstring) and a hoodie. Sometimes it might even be my husbands oversized sweater. No make-up, no nail polish, no perfectly placed hair.  That's the recipe for one hot mess Mama. Just the real, raw me, 95% of the time. I thrive in comfy clothes, or at least that's what I like to think.

There's days when I fill our one cup coffee maker with two cups of water and then don't realize until it's already run all over the counter and onto the floor.
There's times I place things in completely the wrong places because I am constantly distracted. Have you ever found your remote control in your freezer?
Most days and night we are up all hours around the clock. We are often too tired to cook, not only for ourselves, but our husbands that our counting on us. You know this is you, when you're on a first name basis…

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